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My wife and I love our Dyson vacuum. So I thought, what if I needed to sell the thing. Sad day yes, but how could I position the thing so that it looks the most appealing when I go to sell it. Well, cutouts seemed to me the best solution. I could position the Dyson in the best possible angle, forgetting about the foreground, snap the shot and then cutout all the foreground leaving just the awesome Dyson. So here’s how I accomplished the cutouts.

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1 – Dyson – Rigby, ID 11/08/10 – f/3.9, 1/5, ISO 80 – Nikon S70

2 – Dyson 2 – Rigby, ID 11/08/10 – f/3.9, 1/5, ISO 80 – Nikon S70

3 – Spartan- Rigby, ID 10/30/10 – f/3.9, 1/30, ISO 80 – Nikon S70

In Camera Raw I prepared these images for cutout by increasing the saturation. Fixing the white balance, increasing the contrast & clarity and worked with the colors until I got the desired effect. Then to accomplish the cutout I used Photoshop and created a new layer behind the image, then filled the layer. Then I used the quick select tool and selected the object that I desired to cutout. Then I refined the edges to make the edges less jagged. Then from there I added a drop shadow to the Spartan image to give it some dimension.


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