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If you have ever seen the Amazon Kindle comercial you will understand how I implemented the following illusion. I took one shot, this image is not edited. And now, my balancing skills are pretty sweet, but not this good. The photo is an illusion.

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1 – Balancing Act – Rigby, ID 09/13/10 – f/3.9, 1/13, ISO 80 – Nikon S70

I did not edits to this photo at all. All I did was take an elevated shot at myself while lying on the ground with the props used to create the illusion.

This photo was fun to take. I had to be creative. I knew what effect I wanted but to do it alone was going to be a challenge. So to accomplish the task I used a small tripod that had some flexible legs. I then a long 4X6 board and draped it across the tops of two chairs, this was to be the the base whereby I could attached the tripod. I then rapped the flexible legs around the 4X6 board which as elevated about 3 feet off the ground. This allowed me to take a self shot of myself lying on the ground. I then used a timer and when I click the shutter release, I hurried into position. After many attempts, I finally was able to get a good realistic looking shot.


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  1. This was a very creative idea…how did you do it?

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