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Look closely.  Don’t be deceived.  These are not snowflakes, they are tools. Scanography has to be the funnest assignment I have done this semester.  Scanography is where a photographer uses a simple scanner in place of a camera.  Scanography can be accomplished by scanning a variety of objects all at once, or one object at a time.  I have done both, so check it out.

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1 – Snow Day – Rigby, ID 10/26/10 – HP C4280 Scanner

2 – Wrench – Rigby, ID 10/26/10 – HP C4280 Scanner

3 – Saw – Rigby, ID 10/26/10 – HP C4280 Scanner

4 – Leatherman – Rigby, ID 10/26/10 – HP C4280 Scanner

The Snow Day composition, believe it or not, was accomplished with the use of ONLY the three individual scans above.  The final composition was derived from both Photoshop and Illustrator.  First, I used Photoshop to place a black and white adjustment layer over the three scans and then did some slight adjusting to levels.  Once I had the optimum lighting and contrast I then deleted that background save the images as PNGs and opened them in Illustrator.

Once the images were in Illustrator, I could great the snowflake effect.  To accomplish that:
1)  Position the image in the desired location
2)  Make sure it is highlighted
3)  Select the Rotation Tool
4)  Click the point where you want the image to rotate from
5)  Click the highlighted image again
6)  Hold shift and option and rotate the image 45 degrees
7)  Then hit command D until the image makes a full circle.

The combination of different rotated images is how I was able to accomplish the snowflake look.

5 – Tools – Rigby, ID 10/26/10 – HP C4280 Scanner

This photo collage was simple.  I arranged the objects on my scanner and scanned the arrangement in.  The only trick to getting a good composition is to think creatively.  Once I had the best collage I could get, I adjusted the image’s brightness, contrast and saturation in Photoshop.



  1. This scan is AMAZING! I love how detailed it is. Was it really difficult and time consuming? You did a great job!

    • The scanning is probably what took the longest, but the actual forming and positioning of the snowflakes took about half the time.

  2. WOW you did a great job! I love your Scanography photos you did a great job.

    I am so floored at how amazing that is! So amazing! It is awesome. Great work. It must have taken you a while to do. Your collage is also interesting. Nice work!

    • I’m glad you liked it. The idea came from the fact that it snowed the day I scanned these images. I was playing around with the tools I was scanning and realized that I could make a snowflake out of a combination of the different tools. I knew how to accomplish the task, so I did 🙂

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