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Edge Effects where fun to do. I learned a lot while I stretched myself in these exercises.

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1 – Leaves – Rexburg, ID 10/15/10 – f/3.9, 1/250, ISO 400 – Nikon S70

For this photo, I made all my usual adjustments to color, light, white balance and saturation in Camera Raw.  Once the photo was looking the best I could get it, I took it into Photoshop to apply the edge effect desired.  For the Leaves photo, I created a black layer over the top of the image, added a layer mask and then used the brush tool to paint over much of the black layer to reveal the image below.

2 – Fall Colors – Rexburg, ID 10/25/10 – f/3.9, 1/7, ISO 80 – Nikon S70

For the Fall Colors image, I made the same adjustments in Camera Raw as the above photo.  Then once I had the photo in Photoshop, I again placed a colored layer behind the image.  Then I selected the marque tool, highlighting the image where I wanted the edge effect to happen, and then clicked inverse.  Then I went to the brushes and selected the one I used to create the effect.

3 – Fall Sunset – Rexburg, ID 10/25/10 – f/3.9, 1/90, ISO 80 – Nikon S70

Once again, I did the same adjustments in Camera Raw.  Then when I had the image in Photoshop, I drew a white square towards the edge of the photo.  I then added a layer mask to the white square and painted a black square in that layer mask, revealing the image underneath.  Then I hit Q and with the brushes folder in the toolbar, I blurred the white boarder, creating the above composition.


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  1. Your leaves photo and edge effect is great! I like the black. I think it works well with the photo.

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