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Panoramic photography makes for some amazing shots. It’s so hard to pack all of God’s beautiful creations into a single shot. Taking multiple shots on the same axis line is ideal for capturing more of a scene, but most people don’t know that software exists to “stitch” those photos together so do not do so. With the photo’s below, I’ll explain how you can create beautiful panoramic shots.

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1 – Lorenzo Bridge – Rigby, ID 10/10/10 – f/3.9, 1/60, ISO 313 – Nikon S70

2 – Lorenzo Bridge Original – Rigby, ID 10/10/10 – f/3.9, 1/60, ISO 313 – Nikon S70

It was a beautiful scene. The sun was setting and the sky looked amazing. The Lorenzo Bridge that was to be my subject was too large to fit in one single shot. So I simply took 4 side-by-side shots on the x-axis, overlapping enough so as to not loose any important pixels. Then I took the 4 individual images into Photoshop and went to File>Automate>Photomerge and set everything up to create one panoramic photo from the 4 individual images. It’s really that easy.

Once I had a panoramic shot I had the challenge of getting rid of the annoying features. I didn’t like the power-lines or the pole and I didn’t like the bush in the right edge of the photo. So I used the clone stamp tool to get cover up those flaws. Once everything was gone, there was a gaping hole where the bush used to be, so I cloned part of the sky above that hole to cover it up.

3 – Lorenzo Bridge Grungy – Rigby, ID 10/10/10 – f/3.9, 1/35, ISO 400 – Nikon S70

4 – Lorenzo Bridge Original 2 – Rigby, ID 10/10/10 – f/3.9, 1/35, ISO 400 – Nikon S70

Everything I did with these next panorama shot was exactly the same as above. However, the Lorenzo Bridge is very old and I wanted to create a composition that would represent the age of the subject. To do that I applied a black and white layer mask while adding a yellowish-orange tint. I also added a levels mask to enhance the contrasts. But I wasn’t done there, I wanted to apply a grungy type vignette. To accomplish this Google was my best friend. With a Google search I was able to find pretty advanced tutorial on how to accomplish this. I will not explain in my own words how to do (because it is very detailed) rather I invite you to click the link below.



  1. I love the colors in the sky and the extra vibrance you added to the image, making the colors pop. I was actually driving home Sunday night and saw you out shooting! I’m glad you got something great!

  2. Your panoramic came out great. You definitely chose a great area to shoot a panoramic. And your edits work well.

    • Brittani Hanchett
    • Posted October 14, 2010 at 2:03 pm
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    This is a great shot. The colors are great and I love the reflection in the water. Awesome job!

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