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Using camera raw to edit my photos is by far my favorite tool. It’s amazing because it is nondestructive, meaning, any changes performed will not alter the original image. Allowing a photographer the opportunity to return to the original photo at any time. It is also chuck full of sliders and toolbars that allow for optimal editing and creating. The only drawback is that layers are none existent. It also can fix mistakes from the original photo, which is the case for the following photo.

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1 – River Rocks – Rigby, ID 10/10/10 – f/3.9, 1/4, ISO 400 – Nikon S70

2 – River Rocks Original – Rigby, ID 10/10/10 – f/3.9, 1/4, ISO 400 – Nikon S70

As can be seen, the original photo was edited in Camera Raw to produce the final image. The problem that I faced with this photo is 1) it’s not that great 2) it’s blurry. I decided to keep this photo rather than take another because I wanted to provide a case where mistakes can be taken care of in Camer Raw. Namely, that the blurriness of the photo can be fixed.

The steps that I took to edit this photo was to do the normal enhancement to brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance. Where I spent time experimenting and fixing the photo was with the sharpness and clarity. I made sure that I was zoomed in really close so that I could see the effect and moved the sliders one way or the other until the result was better than the original blurriness.

So my experiment proves a couple of things:
1) Shoot it right the first time! (this is paramount)
2) You can’t fix everything in Camera Raw
3) You can get away with blurriness with smaller photos
-I’m complaining about the image, but you may not see what I see when I view the full resolution photo



  1. Although the blurriness is still slightly there in the lower left corner, the edits did a good job at helping them become less noticeable. It’s hard admitting that you can’t hold still for even a quarter of a second! 🙂

  2. I think you did a great job sharpening the picture and adding some pop with camera raw.

    • Brittani Hanchett
    • Posted October 14, 2010 at 2:04 pm
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    I love the color enhancement that was added through camera raw. great job.

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