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The ability of the eye to frame a subject and then change points of focus at any given moment is part of what makes human eye sight so fun. So naturally when we see multiple shot of the same subject but with a different point of focus at each shot, our senses are happy. That is what reverse shallow depth of field tries to accomplish.

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1 – Tack Wall – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/3.5, 1/50, ISO 100 – SONY A100

This effect is fairly simple to accomplish. All one must do is frame the subject as desired, then decide which two or more points of focus would create different composition. Then press the shuttle release button half way down to focus on the first point move the subject back into the desired framing and then finish releasing the shutter release button. Once the first shot is taken, move the camera to focus on the next point of focus, release the shutter button half way down, reframe the subject as before and finish releasing the shutter. This will create the above photos.


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