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Macros have to be my most favorite shot. I think anyone who knows my work knows this. I like to use depth-of-field as much as possible, I think it creates the best compositions of all. I’ve recently learned to overlay images, and combining two macros makes for an even better composition when done correctly.

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1 – Bucket o’ Bars Overlay – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/3.5, 1/13, ISO 100 –

2 – Bucket o’ Bars – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/3.5, 1/13, ISO 100 – SONY A100

3 – Peeling Wall HDR – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/5.6, 1/400, ISO 100 –

An image overlay can be accomplished by taking to completely different shots and combining them together to create one abstract. To do this, a texture shot is usually required. Texture shots should have high contrast and texture. Then in Photoshope, the two shots are combined. The texture shot is layered on top of the original shot and the “overlay” action is selected. I did this and then adjusted the opacity slightly so that the bucket of bars could more easily be seen.

As far as adjustments to the original photos themselves. I adjusted levels, exposure, contrast, clarity, colors nondestructively in Camera Raw.



  1. Cool Macro abstract picture. The blend looks great, it has cool color. Good idea blending the bucket o’ bars with an HRD photo, looks cool.

  2. that was interesting using the HDR on your texture and blending it. It made for a cool effect.

  3. The blend looks great! Very antique-y.

  4. Something ordinary to something unique and great! I really like this picture. You have a great eye for amazing pictures!

  5. Hi my name is Bianca Carreno. I am Sister Esplin’s TA and she asked me to look at everyones blog posts. You have great shots! I especially like this macro blend and you first portrait shot of the guy in the blue shirt. Very nice job, They look very professional.

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