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HDR is a cool fad going on right now in the photography world. When overdone it can look extremely fake but when done correctly, it makes for some great shots. HDR is a technique where the dynamic range of shadows, highlights and colors from any given scene are amplified and combined into one composition. This can be accomplished with bracketing, taking three separate photos at three different exposure settings, or a single, slightly underexposed photo.

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1 – Chest HDR – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/3.5, 1/13, ISO 400 – SONY A100

The program I used for all of my HDR photos is called DynamicPhoto. It’s a trial and for that reason I have a water mark on all of my HDR’s. The chest HDR is created from a single, slightly underexposed shot. The colors really pop when using DynamicPhoto. But they seem to pop almost too much. For that reason I took the rendered HDR and fixed some of the extremes in Camera Raw. For example the photo was too blue, so I made up for that by adding more yellow and magenta. In Camera Raw I also fixed some levels, saturation, contrast, clarity and the typical touch-ups.

2 – Masonic Temple HDR – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/22, 1/250+60+15, ISO 100 – SONY A100

The Masonic Temple HDR was created from three separate photos. This was done by bracketing the exposure of the same shot in three different photos. When combined in DynamicPhoto they are supposed to create optimal dynamic range. However, I had some problems with this shot because I had to manually bracket the scene. This caused problems because my camera was on a tripod to assure that the three different shots were exactly the same, but because I had to push the shutter release button three different times, the camera unavoidable moved slightly, thus not allowing the three images to overlap properly when dropped into DynamicPhoto. That is why a “halo” glow appears over the trees and in other places. Next time I’ll do better.



  1. I really like how the Chest image turned out. The colors of the HDR image really give it interest.

  2. I really like the HDR chest photo. The colors are great and you captured a good angle on it also. Good job.

    • Brittani Hanchett
    • Posted October 6, 2010 at 11:12 pm
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    I love the shot of the chest. The enhancement that the HDR provided a really nice touch

  3. i love the detail shown in the chest. the color is great as well.

  4. Both of these images turned out beautifully! You seem to have mastered the HDR application.

  5. Whoa, I love that you compare the three exposures in one..

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