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Bannack Montana is a great place to visit. It’s a ghost town and as one should expect, many ghost can be found if your camera is set right. This ghost shot is unique, it is a product from a mistake. Because the way this image turned out was not planned, it made for an interesting ghost shot.

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1 – Ghost in Hotel – Bannack, MT 09/29/10 – f/22.0, BULB, ISO 100 – SONY A100

I shot this photo with a tripod. Without it, the 30 seconds that was required for proper exposure would have rendered my photos extremely blurry. The way I got the subjects of the image to look transparent like ghost involves a few steps.

  1. I first had to get all my camera settings from aperture priority (ISO, aperture, framing, white balance) the way I wanted.
  2. Then I pressed the shutter release button down half way to display the amount of time the shutter had to be open for proper exposure.
  3. I then switched my camera to manual and changed my shutter time to BULB.
  4. I then determined what amount of time would equal one third of that proper exposure time.
  5. That third of a time was when my subjects would stand very still in the frame. Once that third of the time was over I covered the camera’s lens to prohibit any light from exposing the sensor and asked my subjects to move from the frame. Once they were removed from the frame, I uncovered the lens for the remaining three quarters time that I lacked for proper exposure.


  1. Nice image. The lighting of the wall is particularly dramatic in adding to the overall affect.

  2. I like the multiple people effect you have going in your ghost shot. Well done

  3. I love how it turned out! That was a great idea for the ghost picture.

    • Brittani Hanchett
    • Posted October 6, 2010 at 11:15 pm
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    I love the overall composition– the lighting and ghosts look great!

  4. the ghost shot is great! i love the colors.

  5. That’s sweet, Shane. Your shots are definitely abstract and I could browse around these techniques to learn a few things.

  6. Thanks Daniel. I’m not sure I could teach you much though, I mean your the expert…

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