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These first photos were taken while I was in Utah for my cousin Cindy’s wedding. It was a magnificent day. And despite being super bright, I was able to get some decent shots. I’m kind of excited that I was able to take a picture of a bee, I’ve never had that opportunity before.

In this post I’m going to do things a little bit different than in the past. I’m going to give a sort description on the editing each photo undertook to get it to the quality that it is.

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1 – Busy Bee – Temple Square, UT 09/30/10 – f/4.0, 1/185, ISO 154 – Nikon Coolpix s70

These flowers on Temple Square were amazing and best of all, I was able to snap some photos of bees! The day made for some great lighting and honestly I didn’t have to do much to enhance this photo. The most extensive editing that I felt needed to be done was putting a vignette around the edges. I accomplished this in Camera Raw. All I had to do was click under the lens correction button on left and adjust the slider to my desired vignette.

2 – Orange – Temple Square, UT 09/30/10 – f/8.1, 1/125, ISO 80 – Nikon Coolpix s70

The only thing I did to this photo was put a vignette around the edges, exactly as described above with the first photo.

3 – Wedding Flowers – Bountiful, UT 09/30/10 – f/4.0, 1/240, ISO 665 – Nikon Coolpix s70

The evening was dark and hard to shoot. I knew that I would have dark pictures but felt confident that I could edit them later and make them look great. However this photo put up a fight. Because of noise from the high ISO, it was hard to get any detail back without making the photo look grainy. After some adjusting with color balance and levels I was finally able to get the photo the best it could be.


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  1. Hey Shane!! I really like the bee. The blurred background makes the bee the obvious focal point and the colors are really rich. Nice Job!

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