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These photos were taken both in Rigby, ID and Temple Square, ID. This week in class we learned the advantage of using smart filters to make future editing easier and assuring that the image quality is never lost. The two pictures I chose to demonstrate this assignment worked out perfectly in showcasing how smart filters can be used.

In this post I’m going to do things a little bit different than in the past. I’m going to give a sort description on the editing each photo undertook to get it to the quality that it is.

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1 – Murky Waters – Rigby, ID 09/17/10 – f/11.0, 1/15, ISO 500 – Cannon 1D Mark ii

The first problem with the original photo was the fact that it was extremely under exposed. Plus it was extremely too blue hued. To tackle these problems, I used a smart filtering technique. In that technique, I use any given filter I want to mask over the top of the original photo, thereby avoiding any destruction of the original pixels. I applied three different smart filter for three separate layers of the photo. I knew I needed to weaken the exposure to the sky while at the same time strengthen the exposure to the log and grass. I adjusted three different layers for each affected area and then masked out the everything that I didn’t want to be effected. When stacked together, the final image displays the ultimate effect.

4 – 117 Year Old Knob- Temple Square, UT 09/23/10 – f/4.0, 1/250, ISO 520 – Nikon Coolpix s70

I know the history of the Salt Lake Temple and I know how old the knobs are on the front door. The desired effect that I wanted from the photo was to try and show the past and the present. Somehow expressing the history of the front door knobs. Smart filters was the answer, I knew that I could maintain the same color of the original shot while applying a layer mask in sepia tone. In fact you probably need to look at the final photo twice before the effect will even be noticeable. And that’s all I really did to alter this photo. The light was so great that it just ended up creating a wonderful photo.


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